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Top 6 Reasons Promo Products Work

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Top 6 Reasons Promo Products Work


And by “work”, we mean to add value to your brand, help people remember your brand, and as a means to talk to your customers through products. From pens to ponies (okay maybe not the second one), promo products have long been a way in which businesses like yours can boost branding and add to their marketing and advertising toolkit,

Let’s discover our top 6 reasons why promo products work…


They’re Things People WANT

With so many different types of promo products on the market nowadays, it’s easy to select items that a lot of people would love to receive but may not necessarily buy for themselves! Spunky Bluetooth headphones, candles, lollies, picnic sets (yes, really) and more are some examples of fun “want” items where your brand can really stand out.


They’re Things People NEED

We all lose pens. We all need pens. Pens are a favourite promo item and do the rounds through pen crime rings like no other promo product. So much circulation and so much happiness when you can find a pen that works. Aside from pens? Coffee keep cups (yes coffee is a NEED), hand sanitizers and laptop bags are all great items many of us could do with at various times in our life, and all show us how much your business cares (which segues us nicely into the next point).


They Show People You Care

By giving your worthy clients and customers an item they would love to receive or need in their everyday life, you’re showing them you value their custom, take pride in your business, and genuinely care about your customers.


They Help You Stand Out

When all the others are gifting balloons, your business waltzes in with inflatable flamingoes. See how that works?


They Show People Who You Are

A carefully chosen promo product can really help highlight who you/your business really is and what you stand for. The level of thought that goes into the items, the monetary value, whether it’s an eco-aware product, and how that product is used can all help tell the story of your business.


They Increase Brand Awareness

The crème de la crème of the top reasons why promo products work… they are a great way to help increase your brand’s awareness. By putting your name out there and in conjunction with a carefully chosen product (or a shipload of pens), people will see your brand, use your brand and remember your brand over and over again.


For more validation on why promo products just work, check out our huge range of promotional products – and be sure to contact us if there’s anything else you might need that you can’t see on our website, like personalized inflatable flamingoes. We’ll do our darndest to help you source them.


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