Kick off 2022 with Our Best Promotional Products


As the year winds up (can we believe we’re saying that?!), it’s time to start thinking about 2022 and the promo products we’ll all want on our desks to see us through January and beyond.

Because after all, what’s a new year in the office without a bevy of shiny new branded products to make us feel better that Santa has left us for yet another year?

Discover our top picks below for your back to work promotional products for 2022.


Branded Notepads

Nothing says “I’m ready to start the year afresh with some lit new kit” than a brand spanking new notepad. Not only will they make you look like you mean biz when you enter the boardroom, with your company brand emblazoned across the front it’ll be a sweet, branded product to get your business’s name out there. Try the Allegro or Andorra on for size.


Branded water bottles

Next on our list of best promotional products to kick start your 2022 is a shiny new water bottle. Perfect for those stinking hot January and February days, water bottles often venture outdoors with their owners so are a great way to showcase your business to the outside world.

With 11 different varieties of metal water bottles and also 11 different varieties of plastic water bottles, have fun selecting from a range of shapes, sipper spouts, colours and other features to keep you hydrated in style this summer.


Branded coffee keep cups

While we’re on the topic of beverages, coffee never goes out of style no matter the season. Jazz up your office desk with a coffee keep cup to keep your brew hot (or iced, if you have it cold) and never be without a caffeine hit again.


Branded pens

Ever the eternal favourite, branded pens never go out of style. And now that the trials and tribulations of 2020 and 2021 are well behind us, why not lash out and treat yo’self and yo’office to some fancy-pants deluxe pens. Not your usual plastic clicker, this range of premium pens will have you wanting to open that new notepad (refer item #1) and scribble to your hearts content. Or just treat yo’favourite clients – they probably deserve it. 


Branded lanyards

Keep the important stuff close to your heart at all times with a branded lanyard. Though not the most exciting-est of promo products out there (we’re looking at you, branded inflatable pool toys), branded lanyards are definitely one of the most useful. Keep keys to the city, ID tags, entry swipey thingies and other important worky bits and bobs around your neck for easy reachability and that proper “access all areas” vibe. 



To check out our range of all the above products plus so much more, head on over to our website and set yourself up to start 2022 right.  

Questions? Contact us if there’s anything else you might need that you can’t see on our website, like those branded pool toys. We’ll see what we can source. 

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