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9 Hottest Promo Products of 2021

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Make no mistake: the years 2020 and 2021 have changed the shape of our world — and our businesses — for good.

And with those business changes comes new levels of service after we’ve all “pivoted”, “back flipped”, and “redirected” ourselves and our service offerings to facilitate the “new normal” ways of carrying out our business.

So, it only makes sense that if the landscape of our businesses has changed, so have some of the tools and personalised brand products we use to promote ourselves! Drumroll please for our top 9 of the hottest promo products to hit 2021…

1.     Personalised face masks

Cruising in at number one, personalised face masks should come as no surprise really. Who can resist a unique, branded, personalised face mask showcasing your business to catch someone’s eye while out on the lockdown walk (or just for fun in a Zoom meeting)? It brings a whole new meaning to “face value” doesn’t it?

2.     Hand sanitisers

Again, no surprises here. Bust the germs with personalised hand sanitisers and distribute them out to clients and customers to show you care.

3.     Lip balms

For keeping those lips smooth and soft after being dried out by those face masks, of course! This one will be particularly appreciated by the ladies.

4.     Confectionery

If we’ve learnt one thing throughout our lockdowns, it’s that lollies and chocolate are officially a mandatory food group* to survive those days spent at home. Treat your clients/customers to tasty treats that remind them of your business. Sweet (literally)!

*Probably not true. Just humour us here, and eat your veggies too.

5.     Toilet paper

Okay, okay, we jest. That’s so March 2020. But wouldn’t it be cool and funny and totally appropriate? Alternatively, personalized tissues are another great option!

6.     Tech accessories

Our newfound work from home days come complete with their tech problems. Who has their own Simon from IT hanging out in the kitchen? Spoil special clients and customers (or yourself, because why not) with personalized headphones or other tech gear. As a bonus, it’ll get seen on screen via Zoom meetings too. Boom — extra exposure.

7.     Yoga mat

In a time where we all need to embrace a little more Zen, a personalised yoga mat may be just the ticket. Namaste!

8.     Pet accessories

Because we all love our pets, no? And because so many of us went and bought a puppy because we couldn’t go to Bali, that’s why! So, lets treat the pups and kitties with expandable portable water bowls, leashes and more fun stuff.

9.     Stress balls

Last but not least, a good stress ball can work wonders after a long stressful day at home with the kiddies and home schooling and work and no play. Your clients and customers will thank you. 

For all of the hottest promo gear of the year above (except that roll of TP — but contact us and we may be able to sort something out) and much more, check out our website.


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