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5 Way to Make your Business Stand Out From the Rest

5 Ways to Make your Business Stand Out From the Rest | Brandrite Promotions

First up: before you even begin to consider ways to make your business stand out, its important to have all your marketing ducks in a row:


the positioning of your business, the overall tone and voice of your business, who your business is targeting, and the unique offer or selling proposition you can offer those target customers.

Now that that’s all down pat, there are some unique and fun tactics you can use to help make your business really cut through the noise and make it stand out from the rest. Allow us to elaborate…



Okay, okay. This is a REALLY fun and extra one, and probably (definitely) only reserved for our US friends at the Super Bowl and such, but how cool is a blimp with your brand all over it? Duff, MetLife and Goodyear never looked back, but we can only dream, right?


Sky Writing

Alright this one may be a little more attainable. Not only reserved for the loved-up, proposing types, sky writing is a stellar way to literally put your brand out there. Although, cons include no logo or branding options available (like colour or font), and/or clouds. But pros include everyone in the city who steps out their front door gets to see you, so…


Plane Signs

Why does the common theme here seem to be advertising in the sky? Beats us, yet here we are. Plane signs, although totally 90s, should definitely make a comeback, because not only can you get your font, colours and logo on the sign, you get a cute lil’ plane towing it for punters to see while lounging at the beach.


Branded lollies

Let’s bring it down to earth a little: EVERYONE loves a sweet of some kind. Well, possible over generalisation there but lets be frank, branded lollies do take the cake with many a folk. Offering personalized promotional confectionery of sorts for your customers certainly does add a touch of sweetness to the brand, don’t you think?


Extreme products

When some think of promotional products, they think of pens. And caps. And USB sticks. And foldable dog bowls. Wait, what?

Yeah. Unique, extreme promo products are totally doable and can really help your brand stand out from the rest and reach your audience in a way that really speaks to them (like, um, dogs). Aroma diffuser? Got it. Garment bags? Nailed it. 5 Piece BBQ and Apron Set? It’s in the bag.

Just check out our huge range of promotional products – and be sure to contact us if there’s anything you can’t find that you need – we’ll most likely be able to source it for you!


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